Consulting in a Box

ZotaBooks “Consulting in a Box” provides the business and accounting capabilities needed by consulting businesses.

ZotaBooks generates accounting from business activities, with integrated timesheets, expenses and sales automatically populating invoices, all you need to do is review and press the raise invoice button.

The capabilities of ZotaBooks continues across bank statement, bank reconciliation,  payroll (Beta) and the automated calculation of VAT, corporation tax payable, PAYE and construction industry tax.

ZotaBooks gives users access to all the applications for a single monthly usage based payment.  Select a monthly price plan which provides a usage allowance and off you go.  Upgrade or downgrade price plans monthly.


Upload Expenses

Upload expenses directly into ZotaBooks using either our own format or from ReceiptBank.   ZotaBooks automatically fetches the receipt image and stores it against the receipt.  The receipt images are searchable in our integrated and included in price document management tool within ZotaBooks.


ZotaBooks, An Integrated Ready to Use Cloud Solution for Consultancies

ZotaBooks comes pre-integrated and ready to use, sign up and get going in under ten minutes.  To get going is a simple process

  • Add your company(ies) and bank account(s)
  • Add customers, suppliers and projects
  • Add users to a pre-defined security group (you can define your own security groups)


No tie-ins, No Contract

ZotaBooks is a month to month payment cloud solution, we don’t tie you in to a contract.  You choose your price plan, and can upgrade or downgrade your price plan monthly.  This gives you a flexible cost base to suit the trends of your business, need less usage capacity art peak holiday times?  No problem, downgrade the price plan and save some money.  ZotaBooks shows you usage against your price plan live, you choose your price plan month to month in ZotaBooks.  No need to contact us, you’re in control.


Braintree for Payment Safety and Compliance

We use Braintree, a division of Paypal, to manage price plan payments,.  We do not hold your payment details.

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