Accounting allows advanced adjustments to the financial reporting, ZotaBooks automatically produces accounting from business actions.

General Ledger

A General Ledger is the backbone of an accounting platform, holding the financial results for a company by month. 

ZotaBooks has a fully scalable multi-dimensional, multi-currency and auto-close General Ledger.  ZotaBooks has removed the need for the user to trigger the year end close process, and does this for you. Your financial results are up to date at all times, real-time accounting.

General Ledger is fed from all ZotaBooks apps out of the box, no setup or configuration needed.  This gives you a complete picture of your financial results from start to end.

Accounting Rules Engine defines how the accounting entries are made into the General Ledger, this is pre-setup for our clients.

ZotaBooks has an Advanced Rules Engine which ensures the accounting integrity, consistency and completeness is maintained in the financial results.

Trial Balance

Trial Balance showing the financial results by listing all the balances for a month in the General Ledger.   ZotaBooks Trial Balance lets a user drill down into the transactions to see how the balance changed during the course of the month. Just click and view.

See the Trial Balance app outline for more details ….

Accounting Adjustments are used by accountants to undertake advanced updates to a companies financial results.  ZotaBooks has a powerfully accounting adjustments capability which auto-syncs to the General Ledger, ensuring all General Ledger Accounts can be updated.

See the Accounting Adjustments app outline for more details ….

Opening Balances is used when a company first starts using ZotaBooks, this capability allows the opening financial position of the company to be easily entered.

See the Opening Balances app outline for more details ….

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