Accounting Adjustments

The Accounting Adjustments app enables accounting entries to be made into the General Ledger, this provides your accountant with a capability to ensure your accounting records reflect everything they need to. 

Making an Accounting Adjustment

Making an accounting adjustment is easy, in the Trial Balance screen, click the Accounting Adjustments button.

As Many Accounting Adjustments as Required

A list of all accounting adjustments are displayed, any accounting adjustment can be reversed with a click of a button.  A new accounting adjustment can be entered at the click of a button. 

Pre-Configured or Custom

A selection of accounting adjustments have been setup, simply select the adjustment and enter the relevant amounts to be adjusted.

Or create a custom accounting adjustment entry, select the nominal account, enter the amounts.

For either, as long as total of all debits equals the total of all credits then the accounting adjustment can be submitted, otherwise it cannot.  

Making it easy to manage your business is our goal, we have extended this to the professional accounting tools we provide.

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