Back Office

Back Office is where the administration for the company is undertaken, this is any activity not driving interactions with clients.


Invoicing contains two components:

  • invoices issued from the company to clients (Accounts Receivable)
  • invoices received from supplier into the company (Accounts Payable)

Invoicing automatically picks up items from the timesheet, expenses and sales app, no action is needed by the users.

Invoicing takes feeds from Timesheet, Expenses and Sales, the user selects which items are to be invoiced.

See the Invoicing app outline for more details ….


Record payments into and out of your bank account which are shown on your bank statement.  Reconcile these payments in and out to the business activity undertaken, identify discrepancies and know the cash you have available at all times.

Setup as many bank accounts as you have in your company, manage transfers between bank accounts.  Classify payments in and out of the bank account, and know why the payment happened.


Manage your payroll with ease, setup regular monthly salaries and pay bonuses.  Declare a dividend and ZotaBooks automatically allocates the payment across all shareholders in proportion to their shareholding.

Payroll runs automatically at the end of the last day of the month, have payslips produce for all employees or directors on the payroll.  Automatically calculates the Tax and NI due by employee, lets employees see their income, taxes and net income on screen.


ZotaBooks centralises taxes, see the VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Tax on one screen.  

ZotaBooks calculates taxes due with each business activity undertaken, so ZotaBooks is up to date,  letting you see what money you have at any point in time.


Run reports (view on screen, PDF or download) with one click.

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