Bank Statements

Your bank accounts shows how much cash you have in you company, cash if the life-blood of your business. 

Keeping track of it and making sure no unexpected payments have been made, and expected inbound payments have been received is absolutely critical.

ZotaBooks makes it easy for you to enter you bank statement transactions, and classify the payment in or out (so you know in the future what the payment was for).  See the video below on how to enter bank statement entries.

A click, a few bits of information, and press save, the bank transaction has been made.  Drag and drop the order of bank transactions so it mirrors you bank statements.

Running Balance on your Bank Account

The total after each bank transaction is shown at the right of each transaction line.

As you drag and drop each transaction line, the running totals automatically update.  ZotaBooks always keeps you records update and synchronised.

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