You may have only one company, or you may have more than one company, with ZotaBooks you can enter as many company’s as you need.

Adding Companies

Adding company’s is a simple tasks, view the video below to see how easy it is to do this in ZotaBooks

Switching Between Companies

Switching between the accounts of different companies is straight forward, a simple click.  See the video below for how to do this:

Security Prevents Switching

Removing a users access to the company setup stops them changing which companies they can view or edit.

Add Shareholders to Company

Once the new company is added, add the shareholders of the company into ZotaBooks

Company Logo's

Add the company logo (these will then appear on your screen and reports).

Amend Company Mileage Allowance

The company mileage allowance is updated by ZotaBooks to align to the HMRC mileage allowances each tax year.  These can be amended if required.

Company PAYE

Whether PAYE is paid monthly or quarterly, it can be added to your company in ZotaBooks

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