Expenses Overview

Expenses is a powerful app which lets businesses and individuals track expenditure.  Preset and ready to use, you can be up and running in minutes

Capture Expenses

Expenses enables the recording of out of pocket expenditure occurring in the course of undertaking work.
Allocate expenses to projects or internal costs enables recharging of allowable expenses to clients.
The classification of expense drives the VAT treatment, which is setup for you.

Expenses records expediture against expense claims, which can span any period of time.  You can submit, recall and resubmit an expense claim as many times as you want.


The Expenses app automatically generates the accounting without you having to do anything.
The VAT recoverable and payable is calculated for you.  Expenses knows the types of expenses you pay VAT on (e.g. train fares on non-VATable)

Change an entry, no problem, the change is automatically reflected in your accounting.


All our applications in the Finaxial solution are pre-integrated, which means the entries you make in the expenses are automatically and instantly made available to invoicing once you have submitted the expense claim.
Also, the ability to change an expense claim entry is removed once the expenses have been invoiced.
Expenses and invoice are always synchronised.

Want to exclude certain expenses entered from your invoice, not a problem, just tick the expense(s) you want to exclude.

Timesheet has many capabilities, click on the items below to read more about what Timesheet offers:

All users given access to the solution by you can use Expenses, restrict which projects users can book expenses to, review submissions and automatically post to the General Ledger

Add as many projects as you need, expenses can record costs against many projects for in one expense claim.  Book time to both internal and external, chargeable or non-chargeable projects in the same expense claim.

Expenses is ready to use immediately, just add projects and users.  

Expenses is useable from any location, working abroad,  thats fine!

Expenses comes pre-integrated to the ZotaBooks eco-system, just add your company, projects and users and off you go.

Built in logic ensures that business logic is followed, for example:

  • only invoice expenses once an expense claim has been submitted
  • don’t permit expenses to be edited or changed where the expenses have been invoiced

Reporting on expense submissions is ready for you to use, see a users total expenses submitted, overall hours booked to a project, who has booked time to a project and what has been billed.

Preset multiple expense categories, ready to use expenses, don’t worry about what VAT can be reclaimed and what cannot from an expense, our expense categories work that out for you

Capability to enter expenses for others, or others for you.

Each user creates their own expense claims , add as many expense items as needed to each expense claim.  Why not have each user create an expense claim per week?  Get to know the company outgoings as quick as possible.

Once expense claim has been paid, press the mark as paid button, the accounting entries are made for you.

Want to cancel the claim submission and change the expense claim, up to the point of payment an expense claim can be cancelled and edited.

Every expense item can be traced to the accounts.

You can access Expenses (or any other ZotaBooks application) from any device with web connectivity.

You can access Expenses (or any other ZotaBooks application) from any location with web connectivity.

Access Expenses anytime day or night, do your admin at 2.30am in the morning, that fine by us !!

Because we manage the technical aspects of the solution, you always have the latest version.

Your data is held on the Amazon cloud, which makes it as secure and loss proof as possible.

Expenses, simple to use interface

Expenses is designed to be simple to use, we have removed complexity and provided a powerful, flexible tool which takes seconds to familiarise yourself with.  Our streamed overview right is less than 60 seconds.

When is the last time you learned a new piece of software that quick?

And, its not just Expenses which we have made simple to use.

Online & App Integrated Help Videos

We find it easier to follow an instructional video than a document or someone on the phone, we have placed on our YouTube site instructional videos on all aspects of using the ZotaBooks apps.  The help videos are also available within the ZotaBooks app, just click the video camera icon at the top of each screen.  

There for you to use at your own pace and time, available 24 x 7.

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