General Ledger

ZotaBooks General Ledger is the heart of the accounting record keeping, providing a central repository of all you accounting transactions.

The General Ledger links all transactions to the originating transactions across all of our apps, so we have full traceability and know where all the transactions in the General Ledger have come from.  This gives the accounting records integrity, completeness and accuracy.

The General Ledger is multi-dimensional, this means we can slice and dice the General Ledger accounting results easily and present them to you for review.  Trust us, it’s a good thing !!!

Viewing the General Ledger Data

The data in the General Ledger is viewed through the reporting, and through the Trial Balance app.

Because not all businesses are the same, and there may be some complexities which an accountant may need to adjust for, we have provided the Accounting Adjustment App, this creates specialised accounting entries direct into the General Ledger.

Accounting Rules Engine

The accounting rules engine take business activities (e.g. raising an invoice) and creates accounting entries into the General Ledger.

The accounting rules are all pre-built, so there is nothing for you to do.  

No Configuration Required

The General Ledger is pre-configured and ready to use, as we add in new apps, any updates to the General Ledger will be made for you.  That’s the ZotaBooks way !!

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