Invoices Received from Suppliers


Enter invoices received in ZotaBooks, the app keeps you on top of what needs paying and by when.  Are you and any of your suppliers (sub-contractors) subject to the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) then mark invoices suppliers as subject to CIS, all the invoices received from them will be managed.  All payments to HMRC are automatically shown in the CIS payments due to HMRC in the tax screen.

Enter an Invoice Received in 3 easy steps

Entering an invoice received is a simple 3 step process:

  1. enter or select the supplier
  2. enter the invoice details, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) details will automatically by shown (if appropriate)
  3. Press the save invoice button, the invoice will be recorded in the app, and bookings made into you financial accounts automatically

Manage an Invoice Received after Entry

Once an invoice received has been entered in the app, the are plenty of actions to be taken :

  • Mark the invoice received as paid, a remittance receipt is produced
  • Cancel the invoice received

Invoices Received Outstanding are on the Dashboard

All invoices received which have not been paid to suppliers are shown as outstanding on the dashboard, alternatively run a report or look in the invoicing app.  All this as standard, out of the box, with no configuration.

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