Service Providers

Acquiring and providing cloud based multi-tenant service provider solutions is an expensive business, with the pricing model of ZotaBooks you could see a step change in the profitability of your business.  Can you afford not to look at ZotaBooks ?

A Service Provider Portal

View all the clients you add in one easy to use portal, drill down into the clients books and records with one click.

An Eco-System That Grows

With our ever expanding eco-system of apps, you can constantly offer your client more and more functionality.  Another reason for clients to stay with you as their service provider.

Introduce Commonality and Reduce Op Costs

ZotaBooks provides one way of working, move all your clients onto it and benefit from the cross client portability of staff.

Easy Migration

Migration from your current platform to ZotaBooks is made easy with our dedicated migration partners and the ZotaBooks team.

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