Trial Balance

Run a list of all the accounting balances for your company for any month with one click of the button, drill down into the underlying transactions on any account with one click.  At ZotaBooks we make it easy for our users !!!

See how easy it easy to see a trial balance in ZotaBooks in our video below:

No Codes Just Words

We display simple, easy to understand words, not complex and baffling codes.  Alongside each nominal account is indicated whether the  account belongs to the income statement (profit and loss) or balance sheet and the type of account.

We display the balance against each account as either a debit or a credit, and provide a simple description of the account.

The debits and credits are totalled to prove the trial balance is in balance (debits must always equal credits).  With ZotaBooks General Ledger there can never be an imbalance.

Financial Year and Month Drop Down

Select the financial year and then the month you want to see a trial balance for, the trial balance is updated.  That’s all there is to viewing the trial balance from different periods.

The months are displayed from first to last in the financial year, so want to see the trial balance at the end of the financial year?  Just select the financial year you want to see, then select the last month in the drop down list.  Simple.

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