VAT is payable on sales made through your company, ZotaBooks calculates and tracks VAT for each and every invoice raised.  Therefore you always know what VAT is due to be paid to HMRC at any point in time.

What is VAT MTD and how can ZotaBooks help ?

Since April 2019 VAT must be submitted using the HMRC Making Tax Digital (MTD) interface, this requires using MTD compliant software.  ZotaBooks is MTD compliant, and all clients are able to use MTD at no additional charge.

Subscribing to HMRC VAT MTD

Subscribing to HMRC VAT could not be any easier in ZotaBooks, simply follow these three steps:

  1. get your company’s VAT logon identifier and password received from HMRC
  2. under subscriptions in ZotaBooks, click VAT MTD
  3. confirm you want ZotaBooks to submit your VAT, then enter your logon and password

That’s it !!!  See our short video outlining this below:

VAT Submissions

VAT is automatically calculated when invoices are raised,  expenses are raised and invoices received. The VAT due to HMRC is totalled through the VAT period, and the total VAT due to be paid is always known.

When all the invoices to be issued have been raised, all expenses have been entered,  invoices received input and any other business activity completed for the VAT period the user can submit the VAT return.

See the video below for VAT submission in ZotaBooks:

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