Automate your VAT with ZotaBooks VAT MTD

ZotaBooks knows the VAT rates applicable to expenses and automatically calculates the VAT amount for you, removing the need for end users to know the VAT rates for expense categories.

Full automation of the accounting postings for VAT, with full traceability from the accounts to the underlying transactions.

Automatic calculates the VAT due and recoverable in the VAT period, automates the VAT submission and enables you to submit to HMRC using VAT MTD with a few clicks of the mouse.

See the VAT calculation and the VAT submission received by HMRC side by side, never be in any doubt as to what HMRC actually received.

View the VAT payments and VAT obligations which HMRC has recorded in their platform with one click of a button.

Automatic identification historic VAT due or receivable which arises from late entry of business activities.  ZotaBooks shows what is from the current VAT period and what is from prior VAT periods.

See when the VAT submissions are due and the status of each VAT submission.

ZotaBooks VAT MTD solution is included within all our usage plans.