Benefits of ZotaBooks

Automated Accounting

Automation of the accounting for your business, undertake business activities such as record expenses, raise an invoice, mark an invoice as paid and ZotaBooks automatically creates the accounting entries for you.

ZotaBooks keeps corporation tax and VAT up to date in real time.

One click generation and automatic storage of invoices and other documents. 

Trusted Security

Runs on Amazon Web Services, providing all our users with the security and confidentiality from the worlds leading cloud provider.

ZotaBooks encrypts data stored in the database, encrypts data transmitted to the user and provides an additional layer of encryption for sensitive data.

ZotaBooks uses the world leading payment service offered by Braintree (a Paypal company) to manage payments

Work Anywhere

ZotaBooks lets you run your business and accounting from anywhere in the world with a connection to the internet.

Add users, share with your accountant or advisors, ZotaBooks makes it easy for you to manage your business.

Our comprehensive user access and security lets you choose what users have access to.

Collaborate With Anyone

Share access to your business and accounting records with one or many individuals, based locally or anywhere across the globe with internet access.

Share access to your business and accounting records with your accountant, advisors and other professionals.


ZotaBooks lets you add as many businesses as you need, at no extra cost.  

ZotaBooks is fully scalable, with the ability to choose which businesses each user can have access to.

Add business logo’s, make the reports for each business belong to the business.

Multi-Customer, Multi-Supplier & Multi-Project

Add one or more customers to ZotaBooks, manage payment due days and client details.

Add one or more suppliers to ZotaBooks, manage payment due days and supplier details.

Add one or more projects to ZotaBooks, manage which users can add sales, time or expenses to the project.

Multi-Bank Account

ZotaBooks lets you add as many bank accounts as you require for each every business you setup.

Upload bank statements, includes bank reconciliation for each bank account.


Integration With ReceiptBank

Use ReceiptBank to scan / photo receipts, integrate ReceiptBank with ZotaBooks to get a seamless and keyless expense entry.

ZotaBooks automatically uploads the scanned receipts as well as the data from ReceiptBank, collating all the data you need in one place within ZotaBooks.