Consultancy In A Box

Everything needed to run a consultancy


  • Record time spent on internal and client billable work
  • Set standard working hours by user
  • Add all your consulting team, fully scalable to meet your needs
  • Record time against as many projects as required each week
  • List of projects restricted based on users assigned to project
  • Users confirm timesheet complete by submitting
  • Billable fees are automatically calculated from billable hours
  • Once submitted calculated fees are automatically shown on the invoice, never miss billable hours again


  • Users create expense claims and enter expense items within a claim
  • Enter expenses on screen or upload, ZotaBooks accepts uploads from ReceiptBank
  • ZotaBooks automatically gets expense receipts from ReceiptBank
  • Choose from already setup expense types (e.g. train, hotel, meal etc)
  • ZotaBooks knows which expense items are VATable and which are not
  • Expenses can be assigned to internal projects or client projects
  • Client charged expenses are automatically shown on invoices
  • Expenses can be assigned as charged direct to company bank or out of pocket
  • Users submit expenses when ready to claim from business
  • VAT return is automatically updated when users submit expense claims
  • Manage payments to staff for out of pocket expenses

Raise Invoices

  • Timesheets and expense submitted and booked to client chargeable projects automatically appear on invoice
  • Choose to exclude or write off expenses or time, or include in the invoice to be raised
  • Sales submitted automatically appear on invoices
  • Raise an invoice with one click, a PDF invoice is produced ready to be sent to the client

Manage Invoices

  • See invoices due for payment on the dashboard
  • Mark an invoice as paid, this automatically creates the accounting entries
  • Mark an invoice as partially paid, see the outstanding balance
  • Cancel an invoice, the hours, expenses and sales automatically becomes available to re-invoice
  • Write off invoice amounts, either partially or in full

Bank Account Management & Reconciliation

  • Upload bank transactions and see the cash available in the bank
  • Reconcile invoices paid and monies received in ZotaBooks, see what is outstanding at a glance
  • Manage multiple bank accounts
  • Classify bank transactions, see where the money is going
  • Manage bank account transfers
  • Drag and drop bank account transaction ordering, automatically updates the running bank balance amount

Corporation Tax Due

  • Automatically calculates the corporation tax due, and creates the accounting entries
  • Automatically manages expenses not allowable against tax
  • Tracks tax payment dates for your companies
  • Corporation tax rates are automatically provided in ZotaBooks
  • Mark corporation tax as submitted and paid, ZotaBooks does the accounting for you automatically


  • ZotaBooks automatically creates the VAT return
  • Sign up with VAT MTD and log into the company HMRC account in ZotaBooks, then submit via ZotaBooks
  • See the amount ZotaBooks sent ot HMRC and the amount HMRC received side by side, you can be sure HMRC received the correct amounts
  • View VAT payable to HMRC once VAT returns are submitted from within ZotaBooks
  • View VAT paid to HMRC once VAT payments have been made from within ZotaBooks

Construction Industry Scheme Tax

  • If your company is CIS registered, manage CIS sub-contractor taxes automatically
  • ZotaBooks automatically collates the CIS tax due, and tells you what to pay HMRC
  • ZotaBooks automatically creates remittances for CIS sub-contractors to show what has been deducted for HMRC
  • Accounting entries automatically created for monies due and paid


  • ZotaBooks automatically calculates PAYE tax payments due
  • Mark PAYE payments as paid, the accounting is automatically updated

General Ledger and Accounting Adjustments

  • View the accounting trial balance for any period for your company, drill down into underlying accounting postings
  • Create accounting adjustments, manually adjust the accounting as needed for your business
  • Create new nominal account codes

Ready To Use Reports

  • Choose from a wide selection of pre-built ready to use reports
  • View reports on screen
  • Download a report PDF
  • Download reports to a spreadsheet

Sales Entry

  • Enter a sales directly into ZotaBooks (e.g. fixed fee for an activity)
  • Enter a potential sale or a bid directly, save and only record as finalised once the sale is confirmed
  • Assign sales to a project
  • Sales are automatically available to invoice

How to Use Video on Each Application Screen

  • Fast and easy learning curve, each application has a video icon, click on it to watch how to use the screen
  • Help Centre built into the application, find quick and easy answers

Use for One or Multiple Companies

  • ZotaBooks can be used for one or many companies
  • Choose which users can use which companies
  • Add company logo, appears on screen and in reports
  • Add shareholders to each company, assign share ownership (used in dividend payments)

Add One or Multiple Projects

  • ZotaBooks comes with preset internal projects (e.g. vacation, bank holidays, internal work)
  • Add new internal projects
  • Add new client billable projects
  • Choose which users can view which projects
  • Newly added projects automatically appear in all ZotaBooks applications

Add One or Multiple Bank Accounts for a Company

  • Add a default company bank account, all accounting for bank transactions is automatically made against the default company bank account
  • Add as many additional bank accounts as the company has
  • Manage bank statements and bank reconciliations in ZotaBooks, see what is outstanding at a glance


  • Add as many users as you need, fully scalable
  • Choose which users can use which applications
  • Preset user security groups mean you can get going from the outset
  • Setup your own security groups

Usage Based Price Plans

  • Price plans charge for usage, it doesn't matter which applications you use. That's your choice
  • All applications are included in all price plans
  • Upgrade or downgrade price plans monthly, make the price plans work for you
  • No tie-ins, no contract, rolling monthly billing
  • Manage price plans, card payment and view usage live in ZotaBooks

Centralised Document Management

  • All uploaded documents are accessible from a centralised location
  • Search documents
  • Download documents

Unregistered, Standard or Flat Rate VAT

  • ZotaBooks manage VAT under the flat rate scheme
  • ZotaBooks manage VAT under the standard rate scheme
  • ZotaBooks manages non-VAT registered companies
  • ZotaBooks automatically manages the transition from one VAT scheme to another VAT scheme

Opening Balances

  • ZotaBooks manages opening balances through a dedicated opening balance entry screen
  • Opening balances accounting entries are automatically made
  • Changes to opening balances are managed automatically in the accounting postings

Payroll (Beta)

  • ZotaBooks payroll runs automatically on the last day of the month
  • ZotaBooks payroll automatically managed PAYE tax payments and dividend payments
  • ZotaBooks calculates tax liability for individuals for the tax year
  • Changes to salary automatically adjust PAYE tax and payments
  • Payroll automatically create accounting postings

Employee Earnings (Beta)

  • Provides employees a view on their gross salary, net salary and tax payments
  • Lets employees add in external income to create single rounded tax position
  • Employees can view their payroll history
  • Employees can view and download their monthly salary slips

Automatic Dividend Management

  • Create a dividend payment amount, ZotaBooks automatically apportions the dividend across shareholders according to their shareholding
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