About Us

Our Story

ZotaBooks was founded by Dilip and Lee with a very simple idea, to bring large scale corporate functionality to all businesses at a price that is fair.

Over many years working on large scale transformations we noticed that many companies bought very expensive software that was used infrequently, the costs didn’t change with use and was fixed.  This meant for smaller organisations purchasing the same software was prohibitive.

Our vision is to create an eco-system whereby all the apps were available to everyone, with users being charged on a fair basis – usage.  Therefore use a little – pay a little, use more – pay more.  As your business goes through cycles the cost of software varies to meet your needs.

ZotaBooks, An Eco-System For All

Large corporations have invested multi-millions, sometimes billions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.  This software helps them be competitive, why shouldn’t all business have access to this type of software.

With this in mind we created ZotaBooks to be an eco-system for businesses, an solution set which:

  • requires no technology skills in a company
  • is scalable to meet the needs of all businesses
  • is supported by the worlds largest brand, trusted by the leading companies across the globe (Amazon AWS, Braintree)
  • is cost effective, and the pricing meets the needs of the business, follows the ups and downs of the normal business cycle
  • is constantly updated and expanding,  every time we add a new app to the ZotaBooks eco-system all users gets access to the app, no matter which price plan they choose