Businesses & Industries

Businesses & Industries

Ready to Use, Easy to Use, Automated Intelligent Accounting, VAT and Tax Calculations

  • Simple, ready to use, no configuration, full scalable (no need to move software as you grow)
  • Integrated ReceiptBank expense scanning and automated accounting
  • Automatically creates accounting entries from business activities
  • No tie-ins, rolling monthly plan, upgrade or downgrade your plan monthly, gives you complete flexibility over cost
  • One version of the solution, all plans get access to all applications (as we add more applications you will get access to those too)

Supports a wide range of industries & business sectors, our simple easy to use interface and value approach gives you access to all our tools.  No limitations which depend on how much you pay, no restrictions on how many invoices can be raised or payrolls run.  Our plans are usage based, as you need more upgrade, when you need less downgrade.


Easy management of multiple vendors, invoice management, automated accounting & automated cashflow projections


Invoice management and, due in early 2021, the capability to validate live invoices with clients and speed up the payment process.


Ready to use timesheet, expense claims and sales coupled with real-time automated invoice population. Never miss items to be billed.


All a contractor or freelancer needs to run their business, from integration expense scanning with ReceiptBank through to VAT MTD.


Manage estimates, sales and business costs of all kinds.  Automated accounting, automated invoice population, automated VAT and corporation tax calculation.

Food & Drink

Track sales, operating costs and business expenses, with integrated reporting and automated accounting in real-time.  Lets you keep track of your business and take control.


Integrated Contractor Industry Scheme (CIS) management, track sales, expenses and the time resources spend on activities.  Integrated project and automated accounting.


Manage all your client in one cloud tool, one portal to view all clients accounting records.  Coupled with automated accounting, automated VAT and automated tax and cashflow projection.  Track due dates for all clients.  


Track sales by customer, manage business costs and invoice automation.  ZotaBooks lets you see cash available to your business in real-time. 

Not For Profit

A full range of applications to help Not For Profit businesses optimise and manage their cost bases to ensure the best outcome for their clients.


Track sales, costs and automated your accounting with ZotaBooks.  A full range of pro-active invoice management and integrated CIS capabilities.

Healthcare & Medical

Automated business management and accounting means more time for you to spend with your patients.


Everything you need to manage your sales, invoices, accounting, VAT, personal and company tax.  Manage your customers and business costs, with our ready to go solution.


Invoice received and invoice raised management, real-time automated accounting, real-time automated cashflow management.


Project based accounting and cost management lets you understand the profitability for the projects undertaken.  Automated accounting lets you spend more time focusing on your clients.


Everything needed in one place to track sales, costs and all other aspects of running your business.


Managed and automated accounting linked to clients and projects, lets you track the costs associated with security management.


Integrated, ready to use suite of applications and automated accounting, lets you focus on the operational side of your logistics business.


Costs management by area allows you to gain insights into your business, with our high level of automation and invoice management providing everything you need to reduce the burden of operational control.

Customer Service

Track and monitor the time spent on customer service activities versus non-customer facing activities.  Manage you business in real-time.


Provides all the functionality needed to run clients outsourced business, providing a single central portal for access to all client business and accounting records.

Service Providers

No matter what service  offering you provide we are confident that ZotaBooks has the automation and intelligence to support you.

Innovation & Design

Track time, expenses and costs associated with design activities.  Follow the costs through to sales and understand the financial benefits the innovation and design has brought to your business.


All the business and accounting tools needed to run a creative business, our automation gives you the time to focus on what you love doing.

Security of AWS and Encrypted Data

  • ZotaBooks runs on Amazon Web Services, providing all our users with the security and confidentiality from the worlds leading cloud provider.
  • Built on technology employed by leading global organisations, providing the highest level of safety available.
  • ZotaBooks encrypts data stored in the database, encrypts data transmitted to the user and provides an additional layer of encryption for sensitive data.
  • ZotaBooks uses the world leading payment service offered by Braintree (a Paypal company) to manage payments