Accounting Firms

Accounting Firms - Flexible For All Your Needs

Cloud based automated business and accounting solution providing a single platform to manage your client portfolio and each clients full range of accounting needs. Providing clients 24×7 access to their accounting records, automated accounting from business events and third party integrations reducing and even elimintating the need for manual data entry.

What ZotaBooks Gives Accounting Practices

  • Automated 24×7 Business, Accounting, VAT and Tax Solution Reduces the Effort of Running an Accounting Practice
  • All Applications Included in All Plans, With No Usage Restrictions
  • No tie-ins, Rolling Monthly Plans, Allowing you to Manage Your Practice Costs
  • Single place to view all clients, upcoming due dates across all clients and access clients accounting records
  • Same accounting records for clients and accountants
  • Client actions drives accounting, allows accountants to focus on accuracy, integrity and completeness of accounting records and provision of value added services 

Challenges Accounting Firms Face & Benefits of Using Zotabooks

The accounting world is changing rapidly, technology is the lynchpin to increasing productivity, profitability and survival in the market place.

Accounting Practice Challenge Benefits of ZotaBooks
Lack of Automation, need resource to do routine tasks
Automated real-time accounting, full traceability to business events and integration with ReceiptBank massively reduces data entry
Clients want 24x7 access to accurate financial information
ZotaBooks provides 24x7 access to client financials, allowing clients to update you when they are ready
Accuracy, integrity and quality of work due to time pressures
Create time for client management and deliverable reviews, improving quality of outputs with ZotaBooks automation
Time spent on month end and year end close processing
Month End and Year End Auto-close reduces the level of work
Effort to produce VAT returns
VAT returns are automatically produced, submit to HMRC with click of a button
Talent retention, resources looking for better and new experience, move away from the mundane (e.g. data entry)
Increase the productivity of accountants, deliver profitability increases and free staff to do more interesting value adding work
Accounting software functionality depends on package, base packages are missing core components e.g. payroll
All current and future applications included with all of our plans
Limitations on what activities can be done within software plans
Our users choose how to use their usage allowance, no limitations on how many invoices can be raised or payroll

100% Accounting Integrity, A Fully Compliant General Ledger at the Heart of Zotabooks

ZotaBooks has a fully functional and compliant accounting General Ledger at the heart of all the applications, no complex setup and ready to use.

Easy to view accounting transactions, click on the “Actions” icon to see a list of accounting entries, which shows the originating applications (e.g. sales, expenses etc)

Never Get the Accounting Records out of Balance & New General Ledger Nominals

The General Ledger ensures the accounting records are balanced by legal entity, currency and accounting month.  Easy to use General Ledger which lets accountants add new General Ledger accounts.

Accountants Manual Journals Provide Full Flexibility and Traceability

With the ability to raise manual accounting journals, traceability of all accounting records to originating transaction (including accounting journals),  Don’t lose control or clarity of the accounting records.

Automated VAT Return Production & VAT MTD Submission

The VAT return is automatically produced from the business and accounting records.  One click of a button submits the VAT return to HMRC using VAT MTD.  ZotaBooks is recognised by HMRC for VAT MTD use.

No manual entry, no typing, the VAT return is produced automatically.

Automated Corporation Tax Calculation

The corporation tax is automatically calculated and the relevant accounting postings are made to the General Ledger.

Single View on Taxes Makes Tax Management Easy

ZotaBooks provides a one-stop screen for all a clients tax needs.  For a businesses financial year see all VAT returns and corporation tax calculations.  If PAYE and CIS are being used, these appear on this screen as well.