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Have multiple companies ? No problem, add as many as you need

Getting started with ZotaBooks is a simple three step process …

Step One - Add Company or Companies
Setup all your companies in ZotaBooks, use your price plan across all companies. No need for additional subscriptions for new companies.
Step Two - Add Users
Add a user in seconds, choose which tools they can user and which they cannot
Step Three - Add Bank Accounts & Projects
Setup as many bank accounts as are needed for each company, add as many projects as you need (internal and client billable)
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Add as many users as your need, give different people access to different tools.  Share access with your accountant, your accounts in one place.

Automate Tax with ZotaBooks

Corporation Tax
As your enter sales, expenses, timesheets,raise and mark as paid invoices, pay staff expenses and wages, ZotaBooks automatically recalculates your corporation tax
ZotaBooks automatically picks up the relevant transactions for VAT and produces your VAT return
Construction Industry Scheme
Does your company fall within CIS and you have CIS clients ? `ZotaBooks manages these payments for you, producing remittances ready to send
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ZotaBooks Dashboard shows how your business is doing the moment you login