Price Plans

Mobile Phone Style Price Plans

We are used to how mobile phone price plans work, choose what you will use based on minutes, texts and data. 

ZotaBooks price plans work on a similar basis but instead of minutes, texts and data we price based on business transactions, files and users.

A Price Plan For All

Our price plans start from 100 transactions, 30 files and 5 users – and go up to whatever you need.  ZotaBooks is fully scalable, capable of meeting the needs of organisations from small to large.

You Manage Your Price Plan Monthly

ZotaBooks is provided with a billing & charges app which lets you select your price plan, purchase bolt-on’s, see your usage in real time and get your bills.

Changes to price plans can be made at any time, and as many times as required.  The price plan selected at the start of the next billing cycle is the plan which will be billed against.  Price plans can be upgrade or downgraded (no restrictions), you are in control.

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