ZotaBots automate activities to simplify accounting

ZotaBooks makes business life that little bit easier by automating tasks, the automation is managed by our ZotaBots, we automate:

  • VAT return production,
  • Corporation tax,
  • payroll,
  • automatically makes sales, billable time recorded, expenses appear on an invoice and much more.

Don’t spend your time doing routine tasks, let ZotaBooks do that for you

Some things just need to be done, ZotaBooks makes routine things happen for you, and not just the simple things.  For example:

  • receive an invoice from a CIS sub-contractor, ZotaBooks will automate the deductions and provide the remittance
  •  Upload expenses from ReceiptBank and ZotaBooks will automatically go and get the receipts, then store them in ZotaBooks

Our automation journey continues, whenever we add automation you get it